Unlock Iphone 3.1.3 – Best Methods Revealed

Do you know how to Unlock Iphone 3.1.3?  If not, then it’s high time that you do.  There are many benefits that you can reap from knowing this and if you continue reading this article – you will be able be able to learn more about Iphone unlocking and even more.

Unlock Iphone 3.1.3 Methods – For Unlimited Access To Fun

Install A Computer Chip Inside Your Computer


1. Turn your phone off before going through with the unlocking process.

2. Open your phone up using the right tools – and only the right tools.  Otherwise, you might be doing more damage than good.

3. Purchase a computer chip which has been specifically designed for unlocking Iphone 4.  Usually, this chip costs around $100 to $200, and at times even more.  Also, make sure that the chip that you are planning to buy will be compatible with the specific version of your Iphone 4.

4. After buying your chip, carefully place it inside your Iphone.  Make sure that you are placing it in the exact area.

5. Place the SIM card of a network other than the one which your unlocked Iphone came along with.

6. Turn your Iphone on.  Check if there are no problems as it is rebooting.

7. Check if the unlocking was correctly made by observing if the SIM card that you inserted is recognized by your Iphone.  If it does, then you have successfully unlocked your Iphone.

8. For added benefits, you can also check if your Iphone can download other apps – even those that are banned or prohibited by Apple.

Cons of this method:

As you can see, this method can be quite tedious and technical.  Hence, if you do not have any technical skills, this method can be quite risky for you and your phone.  Also, the computer chip can be quite costly – which means that you will need some serious money for this.

Download And Install An Unlocking Program To Your Iphone 4


1. Connect your Iphone 4 using WI-FI.  Do not use 3G in this instance.

2. Open your Iphone 4 Safari browser.

3. Find a jailbreaking software that you can use to jailbreak your Iphone. Remember that unless you jailbreak your phone, you will not be able to access Cydia which is an app that can help you get your Iphone unlocked.  Also, make sure that the jailbreaking program that you are intending to use will be compatible with the specific version that your Iphone has.

4. Afterwards, go to the Settings button of your phone, then go to General and then to Network.  As soon as you do, turn 3G off.  This will complete the jailbreaking process.

5. Install Cydia in your phone.

6. Using your Cydia app, search for a reliable Iphone-unlock computer software that you can use.  Press the Manage button – then go to the Sources button, then to Edit and then to Add.  You then type the URL address of the unlocking software that you found in the search box that will appear.  Afterwards, press Add Source.

7. Reboot your Iphone 4.  You can do this by simply restarting your phone.

8. After your phone has completely turned on, go to Cydia again and press the Iphone-unlocking computer software that you downloaded and open it.

9. Check if your Iphone has been unlocked by inserting a SIM card of another network provider other than the one which your Iphone came with.  If you can use other SIMs, then congrats!  Your Iphone has been successfully unlocked.

Cons of this method: If you have excellent computer software – there are no cons.

Automatically Unlock Iphone 3.1.3 Through Software

Now, if you are planning on getting your most beloved Iphone jailbroken or unlocked efficiently and quickly, then why not do it do it through a computer software?  This method will require no special technical skills, nor do you have to spend much on exorbitant fees.  However, it is essential that you choose only programs that have been proven to be reliable and efficient.

Why don’t you take a look at this software? Visit: Unlock Iphone 3.1.3 Software

Indeed, there are more than many benefits that you can get from unlocking your Iphone through a computer software – and all that you need to do is to do it.

So, you want to unlock your Iphone simply and without any major expenses?  Visit: How To Unlock Iphone 3.1.3

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