Can You Unlock Your iPhone Device Or Not?

Can you unlock your iphone, or is this impossible to do? As more and more iPhone models are being introduced, there is an ever increasing concern among Apple iPhone users – Can you unlock iphone 4? Many individuals go out and purchase their iPhone, not realizing that there is a whole new world out there waiting to be unraveled. But first, it is a necessity to unlock their devices.

You now live in a world where the word locked means nothing because the greatest hackers and technicians can unlock any device given a few days or weeks! Apple is just dreaming of the impossibility of device users never being able to unlock their phones and being able to install unofficial software that are commonly denied by the company.

AT&T is, technically, the official carrier of iPhone and so if you’re a big fan of T Mobile, then unlocking your iPhone will now give you the liberty to choose outside of AT&T.

The Unlockers

There were several groups that have announced their methods of unlocking various iPhone models, meaning, they can allow your iPhone to use a SIM card outside of the provider that came with your purchase.

Remember that this is only a fraction of the entire picture. iPhone makes use of the GSM radio band to communicate which means that it can work only with a GSM network such as AT&T and T Mobile.

There are groups that are out to sell their techniques in unlocking SIM cards and they can ask for as much as $100 for their software. And if you’re in bad luck, they might even charge for recurring fees just to get more money from you!

Other groups can offer free, open source software yet you’re not sure if your phone is safe with such a tool.

All the same, here are some of the ways that you can unlock the iPhone that you have:

By Installing AppTapp

Apple denies the installation of a third party app onto their devices. But NullRiver came up with a program called AppTapp which will allow iPhone users to install games, chat clients, and many other pieces of software.

First, you need to download and then install AppTapp. Upon running the program, it will ask you what version of firmware you are currently running. If you have just updated your device, then you probably have the firmware 1.0.2. Just select and click on Continue.

Say everything goes well, the next thing that you will see on your screen are the words – Congratulations! You have successfully installed AppTapp Installer onto your iPhone. You should now see on your home screen a new app called Installer.

You will then be instructed to download other applications online just to make sure that your iPhone can connect to a Wi-Fi network.

Launch the Installer program and you are bound to see a long list of apps which you can install. Scroll down>Select and install Order-Community Sources, BSD Subsystem and then the Open SSH.

Performing GSM Unlock

You can also unlock your phone with the use of this method. Instead of downloading AppTapp, you will need to download and install Unlock app, lockdownd and also Cyberduck. Now there are much more complicated instructions that come in performing the GSM unlock so it’s best to find a solution that won’t let you wrack your brains for answers.

And that solution can be downloaded and used in just a few minutes. Before you know it, you’ll be able to unlock any iPhone model.

If you think that only knowledgeable technicians can unlock your iPhone in minutes, well, it’s time to think again. You can fully jailbreak and unlock any iPhone model in just minutes plus you finally get to enjoy the best of mobile world with thousands of free apps, ringtones, themes, updates and even full support online.

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Unlock iPhone 4 – Now You Can Unlock iPhone 4 Devices Safely

Are you wondering why there’s a need to unlock iPhone 4? What’s the difference between unlocking and jailbreaking? What facts about the phone that should be considered? These questions will certainly be answered by this article.

One of the most prominent smart phones ever to hit the market is the iPhone. Dubbed as the nearly perfect phone, the features proved to be more sophisticated than ever. The only drawback is that Apple Company only approves certain applications to be installed in the iPhone to maintain security control over use and keep the price high.

The Difference Between Unlocking and Jailbreaking

Not everyone is aware that jailbreaking and unlocking mean two different things. Unlocking iPhone refers to being able to use another sim from a network aside from the sim on which the phone is locked into. Jailbreaking, on the other hand, is being able to run as many exciting applications and downloads custom themes and tweaks on the iPhone, even those banned by the Apple. This is the very reason why most people choose to jailbreak their phones.

Important Facts About Jailbreaking/Unlocking iPhone 4

1. Great Features, Great Benefits.  Many iPhone users opt to unlock their phones in order to have freedom in choosing networks they wish to subscribe in. Apple Company has maintained partnership with At&t  and Verizon, the networks allowed to be used in all iPhone models. When the phone is successfully unlocked, users will have the options to choose the network especially with regards to coverage in their region and price. This is a very good option for travelers since they no longer have to spend much on some network providers when they visit a particular region or place.

2. More Applications to Choose.  This reason comes first to those who are planning to unlock their phones. There are about thousands  of applications which compete with the Apple applications like Podcaster and Baby Shaker. Unlocking the iPhone  enables the user to choose from among the many exciting downloads  for their iPhones. From here,  anyone can explore the best of the limitless possibilities. There are also special access to customize settings, wallpapers, screen savers and ringtones. Once it is jailbroken, iPhone users can change many aspects of the unit. There are even  special enhancements on the videos and cameras when it comes to recording, quality and many more. If one enjoys uploading videos in YouTube, then it is definitely possible.

3. Special Jailbreaking Software Won’t Void You Apple’s Warranty. The Apple Company is strongly against jailbreaking that it warned users that they will void the warranty once it has been hacked. There are special jailbreaking tools which somehow stores the original state of the iPhone without getting detected unless you tell the company.

4. There Are Many Jailbreaking/Unlocking Software Tools Found Online. This is one fact which has prompted a lot of iPhone users to hack their units. Most of these tools will only take minutes for the jailbreaking process to get done. The convenience and the accessibility became a favorable factor that’s why more and more iPhones are being unlocked every now and then. The only thing that the user must be cautious about is the reliability of the software. One must have heard about those situations which the phone got damaged because of software virus. This can be avoided if one checks out from satisfied customers which one works best. Good feedbacks from thousands of customers and verification with Paypal will give one a good idea about then software being purchased.

How to Unlock iPhone 4

When you are wondering how to unlock iPhone 4, then here’s how. The first thing to remember is to upgrade the existing basebands of the iPhone.  The rest of the steps are outlined below.

1. Some tools act as jailbreaking and unlocking tool. This is also easily downloaded after purchasing online. Follow the instructions and answer questions pertaining to the actions you wish to conduct. Click on your choices.

2. It’s best to connect one’s iPhone to the pc and run the unlock application.

3. Since an iPhone needs to be jailbroken first before it can be unlocked, follow the procedure for jailbreak process.

4. Once it is successfully jailbroken, run the application for unlocking.

5. The iPhone automatically restarts once the application is finished.

Recommendations  To Unlock and  iPhone 4

When one types the ‘unlock iPhone 4’ in the Google search, the user is shown many suggestions when it comes to choosing the best software tool. Sometimes, one gets easily confused with so many information being bombarded. How can one tell if it is the right software tool? These days unlocking and jailbreaking are now possible just using a perfect software tool.The first thing to remember is that jailbreaking/unlocking tool must suit almost all iPhone generations, even the newest one in the market. There should also be customer support system which will assist you when having problems with the program.  Money-back guarantee must also be present in order to protect you once you are not satisfied with the product.

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It is possible to unlock the full potential of the iPhone 4 just by merely choosing the best iPhone software tool for you. This comes as no hassle since with the right information, one can instantly spot which one stands out. Sometimes the sprouting of too many software programs are not always regulated and users fall as unwitting victims of scams and viruses.

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Unlock Iphone 3.1.3 – Best Methods Revealed

Do you know how to Unlock Iphone 3.1.3?  If not, then it’s high time that you do.  There are many benefits that you can reap from knowing this and if you continue reading this article – you will be able be able to learn more about Iphone unlocking and even more.

Unlock Iphone 3.1.3 Methods – For Unlimited Access To Fun

Install A Computer Chip Inside Your Computer


1. Turn your phone off before going through with the unlocking process.

2. Open your phone up using the right tools – and only the right tools.  Otherwise, you might be doing more damage than good.

3. Purchase a computer chip which has been specifically designed for unlocking Iphone 4.  Usually, this chip costs around $100 to $200, and at times even more.  Also, make sure that the chip that you are planning to buy will be compatible with the specific version of your Iphone 4.

4. After buying your chip, carefully place it inside your Iphone.  Make sure that you are placing it in the exact area.

5. Place the SIM card of a network other than the one which your unlocked Iphone came along with.

6. Turn your Iphone on.  Check if there are no problems as it is rebooting.

7. Check if the unlocking was correctly made by observing if the SIM card that you inserted is recognized by your Iphone.  If it does, then you have successfully unlocked your Iphone.

8. For added benefits, you can also check if your Iphone can download other apps – even those that are banned or prohibited by Apple.

Cons of this method:

As you can see, this method can be quite tedious and technical.  Hence, if you do not have any technical skills, this method can be quite risky for you and your phone.  Also, the computer chip can be quite costly – which means that you will need some serious money for this.

Download And Install An Unlocking Program To Your Iphone 4


1. Connect your Iphone 4 using WI-FI.  Do not use 3G in this instance.

2. Open your Iphone 4 Safari browser.

3. Find a jailbreaking software that you can use to jailbreak your Iphone. Remember that unless you jailbreak your phone, you will not be able to access Cydia which is an app that can help you get your Iphone unlocked.  Also, make sure that the jailbreaking program that you are intending to use will be compatible with the specific version that your Iphone has.

4. Afterwards, go to the Settings button of your phone, then go to General and then to Network.  As soon as you do, turn 3G off.  This will complete the jailbreaking process.

5. Install Cydia in your phone.

6. Using your Cydia app, search for a reliable Iphone-unlock computer software that you can use.  Press the Manage button – then go to the Sources button, then to Edit and then to Add.  You then type the URL address of the unlocking software that you found in the search box that will appear.  Afterwards, press Add Source.

7. Reboot your Iphone 4.  You can do this by simply restarting your phone.

8. After your phone has completely turned on, go to Cydia again and press the Iphone-unlocking computer software that you downloaded and open it.

9. Check if your Iphone has been unlocked by inserting a SIM card of another network provider other than the one which your Iphone came with.  If you can use other SIMs, then congrats!  Your Iphone has been successfully unlocked.

Cons of this method: If you have excellent computer software – there are no cons.

Automatically Unlock Iphone 3.1.3 Through Software

Now, if you are planning on getting your most beloved Iphone jailbroken or unlocked efficiently and quickly, then why not do it do it through a computer software?  This method will require no special technical skills, nor do you have to spend much on exorbitant fees.  However, it is essential that you choose only programs that have been proven to be reliable and efficient.

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Indeed, there are more than many benefits that you can get from unlocking your Iphone through a computer software – and all that you need to do is to do it.

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Unlock iPhone 3GS – What To Gain, And What To Avoid

If you want to Unlock iPhone 3GS this means you’re disabling the lock on the iPhone that allows it to only use a SIM card from a particular carrier.

If you unlock your iPhone, you will no longer need to be tied to a particular network provider, but can use any SIM card of any provider around the world in your phone. The iPhone 3GS comes locked to prevent it from being used with third-party applications available from unlicensed sources.

You don’t have anything to lose from unlocking your iPhone, but you certainly have lots and lots to gain.

  • If you unlock your phone, you don’t have to stick with one network provider throughout the time you use your iPhone. You can even change carriers to a cheaper option, and imagine how much you’ll save on roaming costs when you travel to another country and are able to use the local SIM card there!
  • You will get to do just about anything on your iPhone and access cool new apps and features! Use your iPhone in its fullest capabilities.
  • The resale value of unlocked phones are higher than regular phones, as most tech-savvy users prefer unlocked phones to the standard iPhone.
  • The unlocking process does not void your warranty with Apple as you can always completely wipe out the changes and send it to Apple for warranty repair (they will never know).
  • Have full iPhone graphics control. Customize your iPhone’s icons, background images, and even customizing how the iPhone unlock screen functions.
  • There are lots of gaming apps in the iTunes app store, but if you want to play old school gaming systems like the NES, SNES, GBA, or Sega Genesis, you’ll need to have  to unlock your iPhone. There are countless gaming console emulator apps on underground app sites that you’ll never be able to find in the official iTunes app store.
  • Have full control of your iPhone on your computer while your iPhone is resting snuggly in your pocket.
  • Tethering allows iPhone users to share their iPhones internet connection with multiple WiFi devices like laptops, portable gaming systems, iPads, and other cool devices. Apple was smart enough to allow tethering on the iPhone, but in order to enjoy this iPhone feature, you’ll have to pay theur direct service provers a monthly fee. Tethering on an unlocked iPhone isn’t free, only charges once for this feature – not monthly.

So it’s best that aside from having all these advantages you also need to take care of your iPhone well.

1. Do not download bazillion applications. Too much app will clutter your phone and take too much of your space. Instead, invest on important apps that are useful in your daily life.

2. Using too much of your phone will drain out your battery in less than a day. To prevent this, you can enable your battery percentage by going to Settings, General, Usage, and selecting “Turn On Battery Percentage”. This will help you determine your battery’s life. Second, you can refrain from using draining features like notification services or WiFi. Disable them until you use them. You can manage the brightness of your screen as well by selecting “Turn on Auto Brightness” feature.

3. Water is any gadget’s worst enemy so please keep your phone from the washing machine, rain, or the toilet. Aside from water, concrete is another foe of the iPhone. One fall to the concrete will break the glass of this phone. I suggest that you buy casings that are waterproof and shock-resistant. Purchase screen protectors for the glass in front and in the back to protect from scratches. Or better yet, be extremely cautious when handling your phone.

Optimize your iPhone and maintain its versatility!

There is a manual way to jailbreak and unlock the iPhone; however, this is quite complicated so why not take a shortcut and go for the easier option: allowing a software program to do it for you? The software program’s process is pretty simple. Just download the software and follow the very short instructions provided to unlock the phone. You will have an unlocked iPhone 3GS within minutes!

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Unlocking your iPhone 3GS will yield many benefits that is unavailable with the standard iPhone. Stop wondering and start researching what kind of software will work best for you! Don’t unlock your iPhone all on your own though and risk losing all your files, use a software program to do it!

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Unlock iPhone 3G – What Options Do You Have?

There are actually two ways you can try to unlock iPhone 3G. One is through the tedious manual unlocking while the other one is through an unlocking software. Both have its advantages and disadvantages. Here, I will show you the pros and cons of each method. But which one is better? Read on to find out.

Unlock iPhone 3G Manually

1. Through Legitimate iPhone unlocking service providers. Consumers who don’t want to spend too much for unlocking their iPhones prefer to do it manually. But how can you manually unlock your Apple device? The process is not really easy – and quite risky, too. The easiest route, albeit very costly, would be to unlock your iPhone 4 using your IMEI number, or the International Mobile Equipment Identity number and subscribe for the services of legitimate iPhone unlockers. These unlocking service providers will use your IMEI to unlock your phone through Apple’s database To get your IMEI number, you will have to type *#06# on your mobile phone. The 15-digit number that appears on the phone’s screen is your IMEI number.

2. Through SIM hacks. Another method would be to use a sim hack. For this, you will need to acquire a sim interposer which you will put on the iPhone’s sim bay before inserting the locked sim from another network. How does it work? It simply utilizes the emergency number 112 to get your TMSI or the Temporary Mobile Subscriber Identity for the connection. It then finds an acceptable IMSI or International Mobile Subscriber’s Identity to make the mobile carrier think that your unit is factory unlocked. The downside to this is that it is illegal – not to mention that it won’t work on all 3G networks. Also, its use can easily be traced by the network through validating your IMSI on incoming calls.

Unlock iPhone 3G With a Software

By far, the easiest way of unlocking iPhones is through an unlocking software. Aside from its accessibility – it is readily available online – it is also easy to use. Just visit the software’s website, pay a fee, and download the unlocking software. With the software comes an easy to follow instructions that help you through the unlocking process. The first step would be to connect your iPhone 3G to your computer or Mac. Before you start the process, make sure that your mobile device is both connected and turned off. Then start the process by running the jailbreak software on your PC. It will then prompt you to put your iPhone 3G into DFU mode (device firmware upgrade mode). When the process is completed, your iPhone 3G will reboot and is now officially jailbroken. The last thing to do is install Cydia (this will be done via the phone itself).

So Which One is Better?

In this case, the easiest method also proves to be the best method – and that is using an unlocking software. First off, it’s not as expensive as subscribing to the services of legitimate iPhone unlockers. Second, you do not need to buy peripheral parts that could harm your iPhone 3G’s hardware. Third, manually unlocking your unit is much riskier.

As there are different ways to unlock an iPhone3G (depending on your current firmware, baseband and network technologies) there is also a bigger chance you will use an unlocking process that is not meant for a specific unit. As mentioned earlier, firmwares and basebands are updated regularly. And using an unlocking technique that is meant for older versions of these firmwares and basebands would instantly result to your iPhone 3G being bricked.

The best software choice for unlocking iPhone 3G

If you have searched for unlock softwares on the net, you will probably notice some sites that seemingly offer unlock codes and softwares for free – these could either be fake or there’s a catch somewhere which enable them to render their software to customers. Remember that it is never easy to activate and unlock your iPhone 3G – even with a good set of instructions. And not everyone feels comfortable having a DIY on their expensive phones. So before attempting to alter any settings of your iPhone 3G, you have to be sure that you really know what you are doing.

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The first thing to look for in choosing a software is customer support. Second, find out if it has been around for some time and if its previous customers have positive feedbacks on the said product. Also, a good unlock software for iPhone 3G has a clear and easy instruction. And if software developer managed to squeeze in a “money-back” guarantee period, then it’s probably the best choice for you.

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Unlock iPhone 2G

Want to Unlock iPhone 2G? An iPhone 2G is the first unit of iPhone models introduced where it is considered as the original iPhone.  Since it is the first, it is candidate for becoming obsolete due to upcoming iPhone devices with more application features added.  The only features that exist on iPhone 2G are iPhone OS, has HTML browser, a headset support Bluetooth v2.0, Wi-Fi 802.11b/g, 2 MP, (1600×1200) pixels camera, SMS (threaded view); Email and (GPRS & EDGE) supported.

On this few applications, some software experts crafted a jailbreak iPhone 2G to improve or add up the standard software’s built-in by Apple Inc.  As a result, the first generation model can still benefit and enjoy the features present on latest updated mobile devices including access of Apple Inc. root system and other third party software links.  From such, the iPhone 2G users can modify, install, download, visit links beyond its imagination.

Forms of Unlocking iPhone 2G

In unlocking, there are two ways which are the tethered and untethered jailbreak. The tethered jailbreak is inefficient for it needs to connect to a computer device every time a user wants to return in unlock iPhone 2G status. On the other hand, an untethered unlock enables a unit to remain in such unlock conditions without the need to be in proximity of computer equipment.  From such, an untethered unlocking is only done once in an iPhone device.

Softwares that Unlock iPhone 2G Automatically

There are various softwares developed for iPhone 2G and mostly are untethered to provide convenience to iPhone unit consumers.  Since the introduction of the first iPhone product, unlocking methods had persistent due to hunger for more software applications, innovations and to do more wonderful things on the iPhone.  The first released software was on July 10, 2007 just a week after the release of iPhone 2G which was June 29, 2007.  The  softwares are Redsn0w 0.9.4, Spirit, Jailbreakme 2.0, Snowbreeze 2.0.2, Pwnage Tool 2.0, 2.2, 3.0,3.1.4,  3.1.5, 4.0.3, purplera1n, blackra1n RC3,QuickPwn, ZiPhone and Whited00r.  These unlock installers are created by Comex, Geohot, Chronic Dev Team, Zibri, and iPhone Dev Team.  However, the software showed some inadequacies for Apple Inc. applied also some mechanics on counteracting jailbreakers which results to frequent modifications and improvements on jailbreaks as well as Apple’s root system.

Hacking Initiates Unlock iPhone 2G

Unlocking is a procedure that only hackers can do for such individuals are the ones that can understand and comprehend the internal software structure and flow system. Only few hackers were identified that does unlockig, some are sole individuals like the coded Geohot or George Hotz while others are working in groups such as Chronic Dev Team, iPhone Dev Team and Comex.  These unlockers are consistently making updates and modifications due to some irregularities of their software developed and sometimes get detected by Apple Inc. anti-unlocking back-up system.
Unlock iPhone 2G: The Doors Are Open…

Unlock software can perform ultimate upgrade of iPhone unit.  With only few methods, a gadget will be unlocked which can be done by:

Step 1: Open the software jailbreak website to download the installer.
Step 2: Register to the website.
Step 3: Reopen the website and go immediately to the Members Area where the password is entered.
Step 4: Downloading process of the installer begins once the password is provided
Step 5: The installation instructions comes next by following the step by step guidelines of jailbreaking and unlocking.
Step 6: once jailbreaking is achieved on the iPhone device, the user can instantly enjoy numerous benefits of a jailbreak iPhone from applications of Apple Inc, Cydia and up to third party links.

Effectively Unlock Iphone 2G On An Automatic Way

When you devide to unlock iPhone 2G, always choose the tried and tested software to avoid problems.  The unlocking process is utilizing Cydia which unlocks old and latest iPhone models.

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The software is developed for jailbreaking and unlocking measures for all iPhone units.

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Unlock iPhone 4.1 – The PROS And The Steps To Take!

Learn how you can Unlock iPhone 4.1 in just a few minutes! To unlock your iPhone, there’s no need to open up your device and go through rainbow-colored wires and maybe even get an electronic shock from tinkering with it!

To unlock an iPhone, all you need to do is get a software program to help you out. So if you’re interested, read on below and find out if an unlocked iPhone is for you.


1) No need to hire someone to do the unlocking for you! You don’t even need to touch up on your knowledge of electronics! All you need to do is read up on different kinds of software programs that are capable of unlocking your iPhone. Then, download and run it. It will do all the work for you! All you need to do is be patient and wait!

2) You know how we used to wait at least a week for a package to arrive at our doorstep? This is true for things we order online that need to be delivered in our home. However, this software program will be delivered straight to your mailbox! Through email, of course! Some however, provide you with a download link.

3) The great thing about this software program is that it works with almost all sorts of iPhone models. This serves true for at least an iPhone 3G and up. You don’t need to keep on buying a certain software program every time you upgrade your iPhone! You can even unlock your friends’ and family’s iPhones!

Steps on how to unlock an iPhone 4.1:

Step 1: Go online and look for the top 10 best software programs online that is capable of unlocking your iPhone.

Step 2: Make sure that those you choose are compatible to your iPhone and that they are not a one-time-use kind of software program. This will just make you spend more instead of save!

Step 3: Compare all software programs and decide which one will work best for you. When I say you, I mean your iPhone, your laptop and of course, yourself! If you’re not a techy person, there’s really no point in getting something that is complicated – Actually, even if you are a techy person, why get it if you can get a software program that takes care of things in just one click?

Step 4: Purchase the software.

Step 5: Depending on what you purchased, you may either be given a download link, username and password to their site, or the software program may be emailed to you directly.

Step 6: Download, install and run the program.

Step 7: Follow all onscreen instructions.

Step 8: Wait for the process to finish. Better leave the computer doing just that single action to ensure that nothing goes wrong during the process.

Step 9: Reboot your iPhone

Step 10: Look for CYDIA and start downloading and enjoying the free applications and games you couldn’t get before.

Unlock iPhone 4.1 automatically by Using a Software Program!

To be able to enjoy free applications and free games, unlocking your iPhone is your best bet! Try using a software program that do all the work! The software program can be used more than once and on different versions of iPhones! It is also capable of backing up your files in case you forget to do this manually!

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A software program will help make your life easier, and make sure that your old apps and files don’t get wiped out! Doing this might just be the best decision you’ve made!

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Things To Consider When You Unlock iPhone 3.1.2

Are you looking for details regarding those factors to consider before you Unlock iPhone 3.1.2? If yes, then there’s no need for you to look further. Below are details about the things that you should take into account first when you unlock that iPhone 3.1.2 of yours.

Apart from that information, you will also get the chance to discover a worthy jailbreaking tool and unlocking software that you can use in the entire process. You know that you should only get the most appropriate and the most effective, if not the best, tool there is.

Back to the important considerations, the following are factors that you have to take note of in order for you to successfully unlock your iPhone:

The jailbreak software’s effectiveness. Before you can unlock iPhone 3.1.2, you will have to jailbreak it first. Many folks confuse unlocking with jailbreaking. When you jailbreak that mobile phone of yours, you get full access to all its features and you also get to unlock it. Unlocking your iPhone means you don’t have to stick with the cellular network tied with it, which is none other than AT&T. So it will depend on the effectiveness of your chosen tool or software because you need to jailbreak your phone first before you can proceed to unlocking. That’s why you need to be very careful in choosing that jailbreak software to purchase and use.

The iPhone’s baseband. You also have to consider the baseband of your iPhone if you would like to unlock it. Keep in mind that you can unlock iPhone 3.1.2 if the baseband is not yet updated to 05.11.07 or any newer baseband for that matter. This is because if your phone is updated with the latest baseband, that particular baseband can block the software unlock. Even though that Apple can no longer sue you because jailbreaking was already added as an exception to the DMCA ruling provided you use legitimate software, that doesn’t mean the company giant will back down and quit the fight against jailbreaking. Baseband updates are part of Apple’s campaign to put jailbreaking to a stop. Just make sure that your efforts of unlocking your iPhone won’t be hindered by its baseband.

Windows or Mac? Another factor that you should not forget is whether the jailbreaking and unlocking software works for Windows alone or for Mac alone. If you choose to dish out your hard-earned cash for a jailbreaking and unlocking tool that’s not compatible with what you are using or something that is not supported by your system, you have not only wasted your funds but your precious time as well. It’s best to guarantee that you choose that particular software that can jailbreak and unlock iPhone 3.1.2 in either Mac or Windows environment.

Why iPhone Users Choose To Unlock

Perhaps the biggest reason why folks choose to unlock iPhone 3.1.2 is because they are not satisfied with the AT&T service carrier. AT&T has limitations as well as flaws. There is no perfect cellular network. But consumers are wise enough to compare the services of various networks and they won’t settle until they get the service they think they deserve. If you are not happy using AT&T, then you can opt to unlock your iPhone.

Unlock iPhone 3.1.2 Using Jailbreak Tool & Software Unlock That’s Proven Effective

As mentioned earlier, before you unlock iPhone 3.1.2, you have to first choose the right software for the job. That’s because if you don’t, you won’t be able to unlock that precious iPhone of yours. Worst case scenario is if you mess up with your device and it becomes unusable. You have to make sure you purchase and use the right software or tool.

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You have learned that when you unlock iPhone 3.1.2, you have to make sure that the software you are planning to purchase is effective and is supported by both Mac and Windows. You also have to determine the phone’s baseband and whether or not it can block the unlocking process. You need a jailbreaking tool and software unlock that’s 100% guaranteed to do its job and is worth your money.

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